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Yamaha Rally Shield TW200 (1987-on)

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Parabellum LTD. Has finally expanded the Rally Shield line by developing a windshield for the ever-mighty, cult classic, Yamaha TW 200 “T-Dub”. This is an upright Dakar Rally inspired shield designed to protect the rider without interfering with off-road riding. For on-road riding the Rally shield protects the rider’s core from fatiguing air blasts while keeping the head in clean air. Duck behind it in the cold or the rain to keep from experiencing the brunt of the elements. During off-road riding the Rally windshield protects the rider from any amount of mud, dust, roots, rocks, or branches without becoming invasive. Whether standing on the pegs or ducking behind it, you will be impressed at the protection it offers.

The Rally shield for the TW200 is 13 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide at the bottom, 9 inches wide at the top, and made from military grade 1/8 inch cast acrylic in either clear or tint.


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