Frequently asked questions

Height is critical in getting the wind quietly over your helmet. You want to barely see over the top of the shield as you look 30 yards down the road. Go by your height. Generally, if you are average height (5ft 7in to 5ft 9in), you should get a medium height shield. You want the shield to come to about the tip of your nose. If the shield is too short, it will be noisy.

There is no function to choose tint other than looks. Our tinted shield transmits 25% less light, so at night in the rain, if you duck behind a tinted shield, it will be harder to see through.

Our tinted material transmits 25% less light than our clear shields, which is much lighter than many other tints.

We only sell one color tint and it is called Solar Bronze. It has a slight brown tint to it and transmits 25% less light.

We make shields that come with our hardware, some that use OEM hardware and some shields are direct bolt on replacements. Read the description carefully and, when in doubt, contact us!

If you want the wind to go quietly over your helmet on the street, then you want the taller street version. Rally shields are a compromise for people who ride the majority of the time in the dirt and do not want a taller shield in the way.

All shields are made to order. We usually ship within 1-3 days, except in peak season when it could be 7-14 days. If time is critical, contact us and ask.

The most common ordering error is ordering a shield that is too short. Error on the tall side. It can always be sent back to us to trim (no charge). If you order a shield that is too short, we require the first windshield back within 30 days of when you received it, and then we will send out the exchanged shield. You will be responsible for all shipping.

If you can’t find a shield for your model bike on our website, please contact us and we will help.

All of our products are made right here in the USA in the mountains of North Georgia.

We manufacture everything here and ship all over the world. We do not have a showroom or staff to man a showroom.