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JUST ENOUGH WINDSHIELD to take the pressure off your chest while leaving your head in ambient air flow for a less tiring sport bike ride.

The nicely curved Rockster Cafe windshield streamlines the high drag parachute-like shape of the rider's chest and arms to reduce air drag, improving performance and gas mileage.

The Rockster Cafe windshield measures approximately 14 inches by 14 inches. It is lightweight, but durable 5mm (3/16in.) thick, Lucite L® cast material for optical clarity and is the same generic material used in aircraft specification.

The mounting hardware is a combination of stainless and colormatched silver to blend with the Rockster styling.

NOTE: A taller and wider Touring version is available that utilizes the same mounting hardware. Click here for the Touring windshield.

After 73K miles of hard use the Parabellum windshield on my BMW R1150R Roadster still looks and functions flawlessly. The mounting system is very strong - never has come loose or needed tightening.

Now, having just bought a 2004 BMW R1150R "Rockster" I have mounted another Parabellum for the Rockster - very impressed with the quality of the mounting hardware and the ease of mounting. The size and shape of this windscreen complements the Rockster and provides the perfect balance of function and style! I highly recommend the Parabellum windscreen for the Rockster - a great product with a very secure mounting system. Easy to install and works well!

-Bill Haycock
Columbus, Georgia

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Many thanks for your prompt service. I received the cafe windshield for my BMW Rockster, the build quality and finish are superb. Fitted the shield in about 20 minutes or so, then went for a ride, what a difference. The weather and wind-blast protection is good, enabling me to sustain higher cruising speeds in reasonable comfort.

Once again many thanks.