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July, 2011 AMA Mid-Ohio
Parabellum wins Vetter Economy Challenge: 157 mpg!

Parabellum Wins Vetter Economy Challenge 157 miles per gallon
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Charly Perethian really cares about windshields and fairings and has dedicated his entire career to this field since graduating from Rhode Island School of Design (Industrial Design) in 1972. The day after graduation Charly was on his way to work for Craig Vetter where he eventually became responsible for design, development, testing, materials, quality and later wind tunnel design and use. Craig sold the company in 1979, and in 1980, Charly started Rifle Fairing with four friends. In 1981, Craig Vetter started his famous motorcycle high mileage contests which Charly saw as a great aerodynamic research project, getting 135 mpg (2nd place) in 1981, on his XL250. And then getting more serious in 1982, Charly won 1st overall with 282 mpg, and in 1983, (1st again) with 372 mpg at 50 mph. This almost fully streamlined 185cc Yamaha that beat all the factory Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki entries can be seen on display at the Smithsonian's American History Museum. Ongoing aero research in various racing projects continues including Bub's assault on the motorcycle land speed record (more on this later). In 1986, Charly started Parabellum to cater exclusively to riders of his favorite street Bikes — BMW (250,000 miles since 1975). Today you can try any Parabellum windshield risk free for 30 days! We guarantee these work or your money back!

Parabellum Guarantees Better Gas Mileage
HimileageCharly w/Phantom

Parabellum's racing projects increase aerodynamic knowledge.
Hi Mileage Bike Luftmeister S & S Tramp
Charly's Rifle/Yamaha on the way to 400mpg (now on display at the Smithsonian) Parabellum-faired Luftmeister fuel-injected turbo charged K100 went 199 mph. Parabellum-Faired Bub/S+S Tramp III went 239 mph. This is a pushrod twin with a single carburetor!

If you have a new BMW and want a test windshield for it, contact us for details on becoming part of the Parabellum Testing/Development team. Some older models are needed also! FOR LOCAL RIDERS ONLY.

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