R1150R Super Tour Shield

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20 inches wide
3 Heights Available
Low 19 inches
Medium 21 inches
Tall 23 inches
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Reprinted with permission from Backroads Magazine

When we picked up Shira’s new BMW R1150 R, she was one very happy camper indeed. To her the bike combined everything she wanted or needed in a motorcycle. Power, handling, looks, luggage... yep, it had it all.
Well, maybe it lacked just one thing.
As complete as the “naked” BMW is, it does lack any serious wind protection.
But, as with so many other BMW’s, the aftermarket would come to the rescue.
This time it was the folks from Parabellum, a company from Dahlonega, Georgia.
Parabellum has been creating quality shields for BMW motorcycles for years, and were right on top of the need for wind protection on the new R.
We kind of figured they would be.
Coming in a clear or tint and, in three different sizes - 19, 21 or 23 inches tall - and a full 20 inches wide, the shield offers top-notch wind protection for long distance riders.
Our favorite red head qualifies as such.
Being vertically challenged, Shira chose the 19 incher.
The Super Tour Shield is made up of a perfectly clear and durable plastic. No wavy lines or warpage. A quality product.
The instructions for installation were fairly straight forward and the hardware that came with the Super Tour Shield was better than some of the stock BMW nuts and bolts that came on the bike. It gave the finished result a far more professional look to it.
In under an hour Shira’s R1150 R was ready for it’s first cross-continent journey.
On the road the Parabellum’s Super Tour Shield made a world of difference. With the added wind protection the bike is far quieter and its cruising speed has greatly increased. It decreased any buffeting that occured when riding with the helmet’s faceshield raised. It’s amazing what aerodynamics will do for a bike.
We can’t rave about this shield enough.... it put the finishing touches on an already superb machine.
As we said, Parabellum makes shields for all types of BMW’s and their fit and finish is as good as it gets.
Contact Parabellum at 82 Spring Road Dahlonega, GA 30533 (706) 864-8051 or visit their web site at www.parabellum.com.

After 73K miles of hard use the Parabellum windshield on my BMW R1150R Roadster still looks and functions flawlessly. The mounting system is very strong - never has come loose or needed tightening.

Now, having just bought a 2004 BMW R1150R "Rockster" I have mounted another Parabellum for the Rockster - very impressed with the quality of the mounting hardware and the ease of mounting. The size and shape of this windscreen complements the Rockster and provides the perfect balance of function and style! I highly recommend the Parabellum windscreen for the Rockster - a great product with a very secure mounting system. Easy to install and works well!

-Bill Haycock
Columbus, Georgia

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Just bought a replacement Parabellum windscreen for my Beemer. Service was superb. Shipping was instantaneous. Couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks. Great to know somebody gets it right.

James A.