Parabellum Rally Shield for 2008-Present Yamaha WR250R/X
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The Parabellum Rally shield for The 2008-Present Yamaha WR250R/X is an upright rally type windshield inspired by past and present Dakar race bikes. The Rally shield looks aggressive and performs well under all types of riding although designed primarily for offroad and dualsporting adventures. On the street this rally screen keeps unwanted air pressure off the rider’s chest while still allowing ones head to be in clean undisturbed air. Offroad, the rally shield protects riders from roost, rocks, briar patches, mountain laurel thickets and low lying branches one may encounter on the trail. This rally windscreen is perfect for those seeking protection without losing any technical riding capabilities. Duck behind it in the rain/snow or going through thick brush. Mount your GPS behind it for easy viewing while keeping it protected. This shield mounts simply to the stock headlight shroud using minimal hardware to keep weight down. The Rally Windshield measures 13.5 inches tall, 11.5 inches wide at the bottom, and 8.5 inches wide at the top. Made from 1/8 inch acrylic and offered in clear or tint.

Parabellum Rally Shield for 2008-Present Yamaha WR250R/X

$89 clear
$99 tint
(solar bronze transmits 25% less light)

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