K1200RS (02- ) Super Tour Windshield

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Available in +23" or +25" heights. Both heights are 2" wider than stock

"The magnificent 2002 K 1200 RS ... has the worlds worst screen from Germany. What were they thinking? It hurts your ears, is ugly and does nothing in the way of protection. I was considereing getting rid of the worlds greatest motorcycle until I tried your product. I happened across your web site. You made the 2002 screen. That in itself spells what a intelligent and wonderful company you have."

"It shipped and arrived in three days. Just as you said."

"It was easy to install. ( Just remember to install the brackets on the bike first, then add the screen to the brackets!)"

"It looks better than stock.. It looks awsome..."

"I can hear my engine! What a difference this makes..It adds a whole new dimension to the ride."

"It is so quiet behind the screen that I can here the tranny whine! This fact alone makes the bike safer. I can hear other cars , police and animals in the woods. ( well almost)"

"My ride departed in Poconos of Pa. It was 35 degrees out. THe only thing that froze was my hands, even with the handwarmers, I had the wrong gloves on. My face stayed warm! The condensate on the inside of my full face Shoei froze solid, but because of the Parabellum screen, I was toasty. So, this adds an additional 6 months of riding to my favorite sport. That sport being touring around on the K1200RS."

"This screen makes this superbike the ultimate touring unit. What with the improvement for 2002, swept back bars, this machine is head and shoulders above the Lincoln Navigator of Bikes, the K1200 LT. I had one of them too!"

"I want to thank Parabellum for developing and making available the finest and best and most affordable improvement for this bike. It is a different machine. I will put your company in my will!"

"An entire new bike for the cost of a screen. You would have to be an absolute idiot if you own one of these gorgeous bikes and not have the Parabellum screen."

Perry Hebard in Pennsylvania

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