K1200GT Super Tour Windhield

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This shield is available in two heights: 23 inches and 25 inches.

The picture is of the 25 inch shield.

It is the same shield as the 02-on K1200RS only trimmed for the clearance of the extra guard pieces that come on the GT fairing.

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I am very pleased with my BMW 04 K1200gt super tour windshield , I believe you are one of a few who now carry this product. Your representative was very friendly and knowledgeable it was shipped very carefully and with the correct hardware which another co. was rather evasive about. When installed I was very impressed with how it fits and the overall tightness and feel, it was a pleasure to purchase with you and it makes a big difference in my winter riding comfort.

Michael K. 

I got your 25" shield last week for my KGT & absolutely love it! I was getting tired of being buffeted by winds and suffering with constant noise with the original shield.  Now I can enjoy it and even wear a half helmet if I like.  I went on a 150 mile ride Saturday with a buddy who has a K1200LT.  We switched bikes half way and he wouldn't give me mine back. We totally appreciate what your shield has done for this bike.  I am 5'11" and he is 6'1" and we each could adjust the shield to a perfect height for our comfort range.

GREAT JOB! THANKS for making the most out of my bike.

2003 BMW K1200GT

Hi Brenda,

I am sure you don't remember but I bought your shield April 20th. The warm up test was 600 miles in one day over three mountain passes and some rain. Was pleased enough to give it a go for the real test.

Background first: I am 5' 10" with a 30" inseam. Like to have my windshield adjusted so I just look over the top, not through, but can slouch down in a down pour and get more protection. I have been riding Gold Wings since 1978 and currently own a 2002 GL1800. Very comfortable machine with good enviorment protection for the rider.

Recently I bought a BMW K1200GT, 2004. This machine is lighter by about 235 lbs and has 130 horsepower compared to the Wings 115. IT is my luxury sports car and the Wing is my luxury sedan. The GT came with the stock windshield, which provided very little protection (like I am accustomed to on the Wing) and the shield was very distorted. I purchased your Super Tour Shield in clear that measured 25". The Super Tour Shield (STS) is 5 inches taller than the stock BMW shield. When I ride the Wing I like to ride with my open face helmet. When I ride the GT I like to ride with my full face helmet with the visor fully open. I like the fresh air. The stock BMW shield allowed bugs to reach my face, rain and all the other junk. Plus there was a fair amount of wind buffeting. After installing the STS all of these negatives do not exist any more.

MY test ride was from Seattle to Las Vegas, to Salt Lake City (direct route on I-15 is about 400 miles, took me about 750 on two lane :) ), then Salt Lake East and North to parts of Idaho, NE Oregon and SE Washington and home. 10 day trip with 6 riding days and 3,800 miles. I experienced extreme hail, sustained side winds of 53 mph gusting to 65 mph, sunrises, truck wind blasts, bugs and in one spot one inch per hour of rain. There were some dry days to that did allow for some high speed testing. Significant three digit testing. No matter the conditions, the STS preformed fabulously! You can not have it back! Prior to the trip I did test mpg. My best prior was 43mpg. My best on the trip was 48mpg. With the amount of riding I do that equals a savings of $1.65 per tank. So at 34,000 miles the shield has paid for itself in gas savings. It is already paid for itself in comfort and improved visibility. MPG is just a bonus.

The Wing still provides better arm protection from rain but it is grossly wider. I have all the comfort I am used to with the STS on my GT and that is what I was looking for. Thanks. By the way your installation instructions were excellent.

Enclosed are some pictures. If you want to use any send me a bottle of your shield cleaner and we will call it square.

ps I do not have bar-backs on my bike either.

hal q.

I ordered and installed your fairing a few weeks ago.  It eliminated all the turbulence that resulted from the stock windshield. It looks and performs great. Now I can look forward to the long rides this bike is intended. I've never before told a company "thanks". Thanks.

Jon H.
2004 K1200GT