K100RT-LT-K75RT Windshield System

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Windshield Systems When Just A Replacement Windshield Isn't Enough.

(2 piece Systems)

"Parabellum's Air Balance windshield assembly not only eliminates the K100RT's major fault, wind blast, but dramatically improves thee nvelope of protection for both the rider and passenger, lowers air drag too."

— Joe Minton   Motorcyclist -December 1986

K100RT (LT) and K75RT Air Balance© Windshield System

"Of the four windshields I've had on my K100RT, Charly's is the only one that really works." — Mike Corbin

Charly tailored his 125 mpg high mileage contest winning, 155 mph SST Windshield System to the K100RT. The system consists of a molded cockpit with a built-in air balance vent to eliminate turbulence and buffeting behind the windshield. The optically clear, deeply curved 1/8" thick acrylic mounts at a 40° angle which gives less air drag and more protection in a windshield you can look over. The medium 18" height is good for average riders up to about 5'11". Taller windshields are available for taller riders.

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Showing 2 Testimonials:

After installing your K75RT "system", I wanted to inform your designers that my mileage increased from a low of 35 mpg at interstate speed (80/85mph) with the stock Beemer 20& TO an average of 43mpg. Furthermore, on back roads at the BMW MOA rally in Wisconsin the mileage increase was even more pronounced: 52 mpg. With the stock BMW shield the max achieved was 43mpg. I bought the system for noise reduction and wound up with great mileage on a fully loaded bike with camping gear.


Dear Charlie,

Just a short note of thanks for shipping the windscreen replacement for my 1987 K-100 RT. I replaced the windscreen with the aid of only two tools and was finished within thirty minutes. The difference was noted right away, noise and buffeting was drastically reduced at all speeds and traffic conditions. What a pleasure to have something work as advertised. Keep up the great work.

Thanks again,