K100RS-K1100RS Windshield System

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K100RS/K1100RS Windshield System
Bolt-on touring comfort for your K100RS. This Parabellum two piece system is similar to the K75S system in that it consists of a molded, plastic upper fairing which simply replaces the stock RS windscreen utilizing the stock windshield mounts on the backside of the RS "ears." Air balance vent, 40° mounting angle, optically-clear 18" standard, deeply bowed scratch resistant 1/8" thick Lucite windshield. Specify Low 16" - Med 18" - Tall 20"

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Received K100RS Windshield System today. Like a kid at Christmas I tore it open and installed it immediately. We had 3" of snow on the ground last night but couldn't resist, threw on the winter gear and off I went. I had to take it easy till I got to the Interstate but it was clear so after a little getting comfortable with the new fairing I wound her up, what a difference! eBay is getting the Aeroflow as soon as I take a picture. The height and stability was great, with the Aeroflow when I came up behind a diesel I got really tossed around but with yours it was if I didn't have anything but the stock windshield on. 


P. S. the Parabellum is about 300% quieter too!