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If you can swing the lead time or expense of a Parabellum Scout Fairing for your 2001-on Triumph Bonneville, the Parabellum Sport Shield will give you most of the same touring protection and gas mileage improvement as thousands of BMW owners will attest.

Tailored specifically for the new Bonnie, the Parabellum Sport shield installs quickly and can be removed with 4 screws. Made from optically clear aircraft quality Dupont Lucite L, the Sport shield is available in medium; 20 inch and tall; 22 inch heights.

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Hi, folks,

I received my sport shield today, and am pleased after my first ride. Noise and buffeting are much reduced compared to the Triumph windshield I was using, and that makes the ride more fun! I know you have been doing this a long time and may be less enthused by now, but I really appreciate your work and thank you for enhancing even further the joy of riding.


To update you: the windshield is even better than I thought. I rode about 100 miles today, probably 80 of it on interstate at 70 mph. The ride was quieter and calmer than any I have had behind a windshield. I was able to hear more of the engine and tire sounds (part of the enjoyment for me), and I did not feel the usual muscle tension of resisting buffeting. In town with busy traffic (read turbulent air), my unzipped lightweight jacket trailed behind but did not flutter and flap as I am used to, even at 50 mph. And I was unzipped because it was warmer behind your shield, and that's good for me because I ride more in the spring-winter-fall than in our summer sauna.

I now see the perfect logic behind the policy of a fairly visible windshield company on the west coast to not accept returns if the windshield is mounted; I knew within five miles that I wouldn't be able to live with either of the two windshields I purchased from them! Your willingness to accept returns for up to 30 days testifies to your confidence that your shields work, just as the other company's policy testifies to....

So, again, keep up the good work. You have a good product and I appreciate it.