R1100R Sport Shield

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Sport Shield on R1100R
Low 18"-Med 20"-Tall 22"

R1100R Sport Shield

Sport Shields are one-piece clear (or tint) fairings that provide inexpensive touring wind protection. Lightweight, easy bolt-on installation (and quick to remove or reinstall — 4 bolts). Sport Shields are not universal windshields. Each model windshield is a custom tailored fit to each model bike to maximize the design. Sport Shields are available in Low-Med-Tall. Generally medium fits 5'8" to 5'10" riders. Note: The most common ordering mistake is ordering too low a windshield for your height. Try our recommendation first! Material used is 3/16" thick ICI (Dupont) Lucite "L". This hard, non-yellowing material is optically clear with a 92% light transmission index (versus 67% for most (Lexan) BMW windshields). Smoothly curved, slender design gives quiet wind protection with good looks and light weight. If your bike isn't pictured here call or FAX us as we are constantly adding Sport Shield models.

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