Parabellum BMW R1100-1150RT Windshield

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Bolts-on easily without modifying the bike.

R1100RT Windshields

The stock R1100RT windshield isn't bad — it's just too short for most riders especially when adjusted at the lowest (best) angle. Adjusting the windshield up makes it taller but the more upright angle creates more noise!The solution is a taller windshield. The Parabellum R1100RT windshield is 2 1/2" taller and 2" wider than stock. (Stock height is also available.) It is also about 15% lighter than stock and transmits 20% more light!

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I rec'd your windshield for my 1150rt, needless to say it was perfect. I've been struggling along with Cee Bailey's model 2 euro which by the way has design problems (in the lowest position the curve of their shield comes in contact with the edge of my fairing). I just got tired of dealing with them.

Your shield went on in moments, fit perfectly and was optically much clearer than either of the two Cee Bailey shields they shipped me. Which by the way are going back to Cee Bailey just as soon as they send UPS to pick them up.

Keep up the good work!!