K1200LT Performance-Touring Windshield

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Shape Study
The factory BMW windshield starts off round at the fairing but quickly flattens out at the top creating a lot of turbulence and buffeting. It's so wide that you don't feel it, but the aerodynamic wake behind the bike is large and so is the air drag. The Parabellum K1200LT replacement windshield has a much rounder shape at the middle and top allowing the air to slip around the sides cleanly, allowing better fuel economy and less air drag.

Optical Clarity
Unlike the factory BMW shield, all Parabellum windshields are fabricated from optically clear cast sheet (Lucite L), as opposed to more common cheaper extruded sheet. (Military aircraft specs are the cast sheet).

Parabellum offers the K1200LT windshield in a standard height, (approximately the same height as stock) a 2 inch lower height for riders under 5 ft. 11 in., and a 2 inch higher custom cut shield. While we were at it, we also made the air balance vent slightly larger and have made available optional aircraft snap vents, which close flush on the outside, but when open create air scoops for hot days.

With Optional Pop Vents Installed

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I received the K1200LT windscreen on Monday, and have put over 500 miles on the bike since then. Its optically clear, that in itself is a huge improvement. At the lowest setting the airstream just touches the top of my helmet (I'm 5'11"). By raising the windscreen just a little the airstream goes over, which cuts out the wind noise. Raising it all the way doesn't seem to change the airflow. I get a little more to the sides compared to the stock shield, but am perfectly comfortable.

Temperatures yesterday ranged from 21 to 50 F, I had to ride from Gaithersburg, MD (near DC) to Newark, NJ for a meeting- so I rode 1-95 up. Back was a leisurely drive through Pennsylvania back roads. The clarity made this drive much better-1 didn't realize how bad the stock screen was. Anyhow, I think I gave the windscreen a fair workout, with speeds up to 90 MPH.

You can consider this an enthusiastic endorsement.

Thank you,